Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Assessment

This being the final blog post of the semester, I think it is appropriate to my progress in the EH 101 course for the spring semester. There is learning goals that each student should achieved while taking this course and each are fundamental to for any writer to improve. The learning goals that I have accomplished or applied to my writing, starts with me knowing how to brainstorm and map ideas for my writing, and knowing how to effectively compose a rough draft. The rough draft to any of my posts is usually typed, and then I read and revise the material before I post any of it as a blog. Considering that the brainstorm and rough draft writing process happens before I publish a blog, there are other learning goals that I accomplish to accompany this process. The other learning goals that I achieved while taking the EH 101 course, is knowing how to effectively revise my writing and how to effectively edit and proofread my writing. I can't provide an example that I could link to this post, because the four learning goals that I have mentioned, are usually accomplished before I publish any blog. There all pre-writing processes actually.
Other learning goals such as: knowing how to integrate others’ ideas into my writing and knowing how to document others’ ideas in my writing, I have learned achieved. Integrating others idea into my writing would mean taking their intellectual property and using it in a piece of my writing, yet giving due credit to the author of whatever I may have used in my own writing. A blog post that I published February 7, 2012, entitled Blogs vs. term Papers (http://eh101tsasser.blogspot.com/2012/02/blogs-vs-term-papers.html), is a great example of that learning goal being achieved. Knowing how to document others idea's in my writing, would mean that I know how to properly give credit and reference the used material of the source to the author in my writing. A blog post that I published April 3, 2012, entitled Haiku it up! (http://eh101tsasser.blogspot.com/2012/04/haiku-it-up.html), would be a perfect example that learning goal being achieved.
Learning goals such as knowing how to develop a thesis and how to support my thesis, I have achieved with the published blog entitled, The Transformation (http://eh101tsasser.blogspot.com/2012/03/transformation.html). The remaining learning goals that every student taking the EH 101 course should have this semester is knowing how to take effective consideration of my role as writer, how to take effective consideration of audience, and how to take effective consideration of writing purpose. There are actually two different blog posts that I published which fully incorporate the three learning goals that I mentioned in the preceding sentence. My blog posts, To Study, or Not to Study? (http://eh101tsasser.blogspot.com/2012/02/to-study-or-not-to-study.html) and Practice to Perform (http://eh101tsasser.blogspot.com/2012/02/practice-to-perform.html) are both great examples of the remaining three learning goals that I mentioned being achieved.
From all the learning goals that I have learned in my EH 101 course, there are not any that I have failed to attain; or any I didn't apply to my writing. I believe that I have made progress as a student, writer, and scholar. Every learning goal that was produced by the course instructor, I have achieved. Each learning goal enabled me to improve, and throughout my EH 101 course I certainly have.

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