Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Study, Or Not to Study?

From the title of this blog post it's pretty easy to conclude that studying is the topic. Also, with the
title being the question that it is, it's pretty obvious that I am really not a fan of studying. Honestly I am not! I really need to improve these habits if I am to flourish scholastically. Studying has become a task since I have begun college. I never really had to in high school; there it was not something that I could form into a healthy habit. Now that I am attempting to establish studying as a nightly habit, my brain really is not conforming. Who can help me??
The purpose of this blog post is to provide a source of encouragement to those that regularly study; I commend you. Studying sounds extremely easy, however it is not! There are so many reasons why I should try harder to study, but I think I am not doing my best because I lack the motivation. Well, to all of those that study and perform well on the subject on which they studied, keep up the great work!


  1. I think reading can really help you with your study. I spend my time reading some books or magazine.Whatever you read, it will improve your ability to focus on something, and also calm you down. reading some pages everyday, you will get a great progress in study!

  2. I was the same way in high school, I made A's and B's without studying. It took me awhile to get used to it in college but, overtime it was a habit. I suggest for a while that you set your alarm on your phone to a time where you can study everyday. Take time to turn of the tv and phone because they both are distractions. I hope it becomes a habit for you!

  3. I personally don't study...at least, not in the manner that most people would. Turns out, if I didn't actually catch it while I was in class, studying it isn't going to help me later because I have an "auditory memory" (I remember it if I hear it).