Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Try Very Hard!

Writing isn't something that come naturally to everyone, yet it's like playing sport, you practice to improve. Any author would tell an aspiring writer to read a lot and write a lot; writing is something that needs to be practiced. I think that I'm a decent writer. I write poetry, and I read many different things from accomplished authors. As i read their work, I try and compare their style of writing to mine; I look for any particular sentence type that reminds me of my own style of writing. I understand they an author with several works that has been published is much more of a competent writer than myself, therefore I compare to see where I stand; and to notice areas needing improvement with my writing. I believe that the 'tricks' I use really help, and with the feedback from my english instructor I can only improve.
I believe that every writer should have a 'back drop.' A 'back drop' is an area of selected readings that a writer has, he compares himself to those that are greater, and he when he has written anything, he allows someone who is certified to correct his writings, correct his writings. I work very diligently to improve my writing skills; I even consider writing and literature my strongest attribute as a student. My encouragement to other students is to write a lot, a read the works of those who far superior writers.

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  1. Torrence I agree with your post. To be the best writter you can be you have to read a lot and write a lot. Also comparing yourself to other writers is very helpful. It can help you determine the writer you are.