Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Me!

 This being the last week of my Eh 101 course for the spring semester, I decided that for a final post, I would show the world how silly I could be. All of my posts have been quite serious, but today I chose to have even more fun completing assignments that I usually would. As I have said numerous times before, in several of my blog posts, DS 106 is a great and creative web site for English students; today I will show exactly what I meant by creative.
All of assignments that I have completed form the DS 106 site have included pictures, or some form of art, which allowed me to be creative in every step. This week’s blog post is no different. I not only used a picture of myself, but I was able to modify the picture to show the change or twist from the original.

The Instructions are to take an existing photo of yourself, and edit in a way to give the picture a different look. Color your hair, change your eyes, whiten your teeth, get a "tan", etc.
As you can see, I went all out. I was able to edit the photo to my fondness. I actually like the photo to the right; I had fun editing certain feature of myself. However, I do not think that I could survive my everyday life with fiery red eyes and purple hair. 
I really enjoyed this assignment, although it was more of a creative assignment that involved writing. I followed the instructions exactly, and my product seems to be quite frightening, but I hope the pictures do not scare anyone.


  1. LOL! Torrence, this is too funny. I like how you decided to create your own assignment. I think this is a great comic relief despite all the others where we had to be more serious.

  2. Hahaha, I love this picture! It looks kind of scare but interesting! I also prefer to choose the Visual assignment. We can show our ability of creation.