Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Transformation

In high school I was not a great student, I'm in no way implying that I am now, but my high school years were filled with lost potential and underachievement. I always knew I could do better though, and I knew that taking my high school courses more seriously is the only way I could pursue a higher education. I have always been able to write pretty well, but since I somewhat 'floated' through high school, my writing skills didn't really improve. As graduation time neared I became more scholastically involved, and I even began working harder to ensure my high school graduation. Trying to become a perfect student is quite an impossible feat to accomplish in a matter of weeks, but I graduated thinking I was ready college.
The first semester of college was a wonderful experience, but since I 'floated' through high school, I almost had the same mentality as I did while attending high school.  I started my college experience attempting to 'float', I soon realized that passing college easily would not really be easy at all! After I almost failed my first college course, I awoke immediately from the slumber of the lazy, and I began putting forth more of a scholarly effort. I used the term scholarly because my main view was to succeed, not just succeed, but I was motivated to pass all of my college courses with no grade being lower than an eighty-five percent average. Unlike my high school days, I began to study, read more, sometimes less interesting material, and I have endeavored to attend every class promptly.
Considering that I was a horrible student in high school and has since improved all of my working habits in an effort to succeed in college, I believe such behavior warrants the title Transformation. I am extremely motivated to do my best and make the best grades. The laziness that I previously displayed in my school work, began disappearing as I attended my college courses and I even attempt to complete assignments days in advance of the actual due date. I work harder on every assignment in college than any other assignments regarding my prior schooling. The effort that I make really surprises me sometimes! I am very happy of the progress I have made in only five months. In high school I was not a great student, but in college I have transformed into better.


  1. I can relate with you. I am guilty of floating through high school with the minimum. However, I was the opiate I hardly attended school the last semester of my senior year. (Not sure how I passed with Bs) Then when I came to college I remember trying all of my old tricks to be able to get by in college, and you can just guess they did NOT work. Failing a year of college really woke me up.

  2. I am so happy to see your progress! Sometimes, study is not that difficult than we think.Always follow the schedule to study, day by day, you can find how big difference you make!